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Carico's. Ultra -Tech II is a true breakthrough in metallurgy featuring 18/10 304 surgical stainless steel Alcore base that conducts heat rapidly and distributes it evenly throughout the pan. Our exclusive “ultra seal” allows vapors to condense on the cover and collect in the scientifically engineered water well. This creates a vacuum that locks in the moisture while basting your foods in their own natural juices. Your foods will look better, taste better and provide greater nutrition for your entire family.

The powerful heat conductivity works like a convection oven and actually promotes “Combination Cooking” which is stacking your pans, from largest to smallest, on top of each other after the seal has been achieved. You can actually cook an entire meal on one burner, saving energy while reducing heat in your kitchen.

Because of the perfect heat conduction of the Ultra Core metal construction, all of your pans perform like miniature ovens. Your foods cook from all sides. The result is more tender, juicy, flavorful meats, and the absence of shrinkage serves more people per pound. This is one of Carico’s Ultra-Tech more significant savings. Exceptional Warranty available.

9 Layers of Perfect Ultra Tech IIdesign

  • Layer 1: Surgical Stainless Steel (inside) – The most sanitary metal to come in contact with your food. No coating to come off.
  • Layer 2: Surgical Stainless Steel (outside) – Mirror bright finish, long lasting.
  • Layer 3-5: Thermal Core – Aluminum Alloy/Pure Aluminum/Aluminum Alloy Spreads heat quickly and evenly throughout pan.
  • Layer 6 & 8: Silver – Bonding agent/heat transfer
  • Layer 7: Pure Aluminum – Spreads heat quickly across the bottom of the pan
  • Layer 9: Surgical Stainless Steel – Long lasting beauty/easy cleaning

Ultra Grip

Perfect Handles

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Feels comfortable in any hand!
  • Safety textured grip…will not slip
  • Stays cool on range
  • Oven safe to 375° F

Ultra Grip

Unique design of the handle

  • Extra long
  • Stainless steel
  • Flame guards
  • Protect your handles
  • Keep them from getting hot

Ultra Temp

Control & Whistle Valve

The Only Cookware In The World that…

  • Has a patented temperature gauge
  • Gives the actual cooking temperature inside the pan – just like your oven
  • Takes the guesswork out of cooking
  • Makes it easy to use
  • Assures you will never burn a meal

Ultra Seal

Largest scientifically engineered water well!

  • Vapors condense on the cover
  • Collects in the scientifically engineered “water well”
  • Creates a vacuum
  • Cooks vegetables in their own natural juices without adding water

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