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NanoVi in Rockville Centre NY

Eng3′s NanoVi™ device for heal, prevention, wellness and anti-aging

Protection from free radicals and oxidative stress
Free radicals are one of many things that challenge our cellular health. Production of free radicals is inevitable, even necessary. However, an excess of free radicals causes cellular damage known as oxidative stress. This results in a host of negative health effects that range from advanced aging to depressed immunity to chronic disease. Maintaining good health requires optimal response to oxidative stress. This is exactly what NanoVi™ devices were designed to do. 

Eng3's NanoVi™ device for sports and performance

Protection from free radicals and oxidative stress
During an intense workout you utilize far more oxygen than normal, which increases the production of free radicals. These excess free radicals cause cellular damage called oxidative stress. NanoVi™ technology relies on an approach called bio-identical signaling to stimulate your cellular activities and combat oxidative stress damage. When cells rejuvenate faster, athletes can train harder, recover faster, perform better, and stay healthier. 

NanoVi™ technology is one of the most advanced ways for athletes to optimize performance. 

    Optimize cell energy production and improve cell metabolism
    Reduce recovery time
    Increase oxygen utilization
    Counterbalance lactate production
    Strengthen the immune system
    Improve cellular repair


    Benefits of using this technology before, during or after a workout can be felt and are seen and test results. Research has shown that athletes: 

      1. Produce at least 7% less lactate
      2. Generate at least 8% more energy
      3. Exhale on average 10% less unused oxygen
      4. Reduce their resting heart rate by an average of 6.5% 

      Serious athletes benefit greatly from better ability to repair micro damage to tissue, reduce lactic acid build up, maintain strong immunity, generate more cell energy and ultimately train harder to for better results. Although casual athletes demand far less of their bodies, they enjoy the same benefits of using NanoVi™ technology.

      Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend enthusiast, cellular activity is the key to performing your best and staying healthy.

      Using the NanoVi™ device
      The NanoVi™ device is used in clinics by people wanting to improve their health and vitality. You inhale moist air from the NanoVi™ device through a nasal cannula. For prevention, sessions are often between 20 and 40 minutes, two or three times a week. People addressing one or more chronic diseases use the device much more frequently. There is no danger of overdoing it because it is a drug-free approach, called bio-identical signaling, that triggers your body’s natural processes rather than overriding them.

      How it works
      Free radicals are unstable, highly reactive molecules. In our cells, they result naturally from cell metabolism and oxygen consumption and are also caused by exposure to toxins, stress, and other lifestyle factors. If the body cannot neutralize their negative impact adequately, free radicals cause damage at the cellular level. Free radicals, which are also know as Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), can impact the body in three ways. 

      1. Damaging – the free radicals react with surrounding molecules, usually proteins, including the DNA, and caused damage. This hinders the protein functions and related cellular activities decline.
      2. Neutral – free radicals react with anti-oxidants and are neutralized. In this case they have no impact on cellular function. Anti-oxidants are essential but it is important not to over supply the body with anti-oxidants because too many can hinder the initiation of response described below.
      3. Initiating oxidative response – free radicals emit a specific energy that is received by sensor proteins whose job it is to initiate oxidative response. This ROS-induced response is essential to all cellular activity because it is responsible for repairing free radical damage. 

      The NanoVi Pro™ device works by triggering oxidative response, which is the body’s way of counteracting oxidative stress damage caused by free radicals. While free radicals are generally damaging, the final phase of certain free radicals acts as a signal for oxidative response. The excitation units inside NanoVi™ devices produce the same emission as the final phase of the radical. This mimics a biological process that triggers the body’s response to oxidative stress. Once triggered, oxidative response helps protect against and repair damage. Since the metabolism of oxygen and other factors constantly creates free radicals, strong oxidative response is essential to good health and vitality.