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Our Philosophy

Holistic Health in Rockville Centre NY

Scientific research has shown that although we cannot choose our genetics, we do have the ability to influence which of our genes are expressed. We have the ability to turn on genes which promote health, and turn off those which code for illness and disease. How can we do this? The answer is surprisingly simple...

Our lifestyle habits, including diet, exercise, and thoughts dramatically affect the expression of our genes. We used to think that our DNA determined everything... from the color of our hair to the health of our body. Now science has discovered that our DNA is only a blueprint. From the simple blueprint, there are over 30,000 variations which can be built from each gene.  A whole new branch of medicine is developing called "epigenetics". Epigenetics simply means, "above the genes".
Our goal is to help you create a lifestyle which helps you turn on healthy genes and turn off genes which may make you susceptible to illness or disease. We call it Defying your DNA. Wellness can be easy. There are only 3 main reasons why we lose health and it is the reversal of these factors which empowers us to create lasting wellness.
  1. We have too much of what our body doesn't want (bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, unhealthy foods, yeasts, chemicals, etc...).
  2. We don't have enough of what it needs (vitamins, minerals, healthy oils, water, rest, movement).
  3. Stress! (physical, emotional, or environmental).

Learn how we can help you to Defy your DNA!
  1. D E T O X I F Y - and reduce your toxic load.
  2. N O U R I S H - and strengthen your system.
  3. A D A P T- to release emotional and physical stress

Instead of chasing or masking symptoms, our goal is to get to the source of where your body is overwhelmed, helping you find the missing piece to solving your health puzzle. When we support your body at this level, you can experience gains in health that are dramatic and sustainable.